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The band were formed in 1989 when bassist Dwane Fowler invited guitarist and friend Rich Ward to come over and jam with his drummer Richard Farmer. The band cycled through a number of vocalists before settling on rapper Bonz. Each member of the band came from a different musical background; Dwane was best described by guitarist Rich Ward as being 'P-Funk All-Stars meets Burning Spear'. Rich himself was influenced by the early works of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. Bonz came from a rap and hip hop background, being heavily influenced by the early works of RUN-DMC and Faith No More. The band recorded and released their first untitled demo in 1991, followed by a 3-song demo the next year. Around this time, Richard Farmer left the group and the band went through a number of drummers before settling on Benjamin Reed. With Benjamin, the band recorded and released The Mojo Seven demo in 1992. After acquiring management, the band hit the road, playing in dozens of clubs around the west coast which eventually earned the band a large following. Before the tour, the band decided to fire drummer Benjamin Reed for his many personal commitments would only slow the band down. The band hired drummer Brent Payne for their first independent tour. The band recorded their fourth demo, a three-song record that they used to shop for record labels. This record eventually attracted the attention of Century Media who signed the band in 1994. The band released their first album, Snappin' Necks, in 1995, with Century Media Records. The album was followed with a support tour of Machine Head. Following the tour, bassist Dwane Fowler and drummer Brent Payne left the band amidst the rigors of the road and tensions in the band. In 1996 they released the Devin Townsend produced Pigwalk alongside new bassist Corey Lowery and drummer Bud Fontseré. This album was supported by the band's first tour of Europe in the Crossover 2000 Tour and support tours for Life of Agony, Testament and Type O Negative. Their mainstream fame was minimal until the release of their 3rd album, Rising. The band's love for professional wrestling was especially exhibited through this album, as World Championship Wrestling's U.S. Heavyweight Championship belt was prominently featured on the cover. Also, the video for the song "Rising" featured then-WCW stars Diamond Dallas Page, Raven, and The Flock.

Despite critical praise and good sales of their follow-up albums, Stuck Mojo broke up in 2000 but continued to perform New Year's Eve reunion shows every year at the Masquerade Club in Atlanta. Bonz started the band 420 Monks and later Dead Gospel. Ward, Fontseré, and former bassist Dan Dryden, together with (World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler) Chris Jericho, formed the band Fozzy and another band called Sick Speed, and Corey Lowery joined Life of Agony, started Stereomud, and later Dark New Day. Rich Ward released a solo album under the name "The Duke" on May 3, 2005.

In 2005, Stuck Mojo reunited, with Bonz, Ward, and Fontseré back in the lineup, with new bassist Sean Delson replacing Dan Dryden. The reunion was short lived, however, as Stuck Mojo released their new album Southern Born Killers without Fontseré and Bonz, opting newcomers Rodney (from Dead Gospel) on drums and Lord Nelson spatting prose. Their song "Open Season" brought the band into the public spotlight.